ATM at Work

Adidas Expands Surcharge-Free ATM Access for Employees at Two Additional Locations

After successful testing a new employee benefit ‒ providing easy, surcharge-free cash at their main office in Spartanburg, SC ‒ Adidas has expanded the program to include two nearby distribution hubs. Find out why Adidas partnered with ATMatWork.

Employees Want Alternate Payment Methods, Financial Wellness and Convenient Access to Cash at Work

To remain competitive in today’s job market, traditional perks such as pay raises and medical benefits are not enough. Employees desire easier access to their earnings, financial wellness and more payment choices. A company provided ATM, especially one sponsored by a local bank or credit unions, provides major benefits to employees and employers alike.

Case Study: How One Company Saves their Staff Thousands of Dollar each Month with an ATM as an Employee Benefit

In the last few years, employers have been offering a variety of unique incentives to attract quality talent. In this case study you’ll learn how a Corpus Christi, TX company saved their staff $4,500 on average each month and close to 400 hours by adding a surcharge-free ATM as an employee benefit.

Photos from SHRM19 in Las Vegas

We had a blast in Las Vegas and hope you did too! If you missed us at SHRM19, contact us and find out how adding an ATM as a benefit can help you: Attract and Retain Employees, Save your Employees Time and Money and much more.

Here are a few photos from our booth at SHRM19

Q&A Interview with SHRM

Heading to Las Vegas for SHRM19? Read our interview with SHRM and learn how you can save your employees MONEY by adding an on-site, surcharge free ATM as an employee benefit. Visit us in the Brink’s Money booth (#3128) in Las Vegas or contact us via email to set up a short meeting to review our surcharge-free options.

ATMatWork Welcomes The People's Bank & YMCA

Staff and visitors no longer have to leave the Y to get cash for lunch or vending thanks to a new ATM on-site branded by The People’s Bank. Owned and operated by ATMatWork, it’s surcharge-free for the bank’s customers. And, best of all it’s hassle-free for the bank and helps them to expand their brand and serve customers.

ATM at Work Facilities a Partnership for Michelin Tires & Upstate FCU that Benefits Employees

Michelin Tire employees no longer have to leave work to get cash for lunch or vending thanks to a new ATM in the break room branded by Upstate Federal Credit Union – owned and operated by ATMatWork. Best of all it’s surcharge-free for credit union members. It’s a partnership that works for Upstate FCU, Michelin Tires… and the employees.

How Credit Unions Can Launch an Effective Bank at Work Program with On-Site ATMs

Reaching new members through brand awareness and visibility is at the forefront of every credit union’s marketing strategy, especially those with a regional and local focus. There are scores of options, but most aren’t leveraging one of the easiest and inexpensive strategies ‒ a bank at work program with on-site ATMs as the centerpiece. When used to the fullest potential, having ATMs as part of a bank at work program creates lasting partnerships and offer an avenue to open new deposit accounts, loans and market products and services.

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Save Staff Time & Money with an ATM in the Workplace as a New Employee Benefit

It doesn’t take a big raise or expensive gifts to make employees happy. One of the simplest ways to ensure employee satisfaction is get creative with benefits and perks that add real value to employees’ lives. That’s why the popularity of ATMs in the workplace is growing among employees and employers alike.

Why an ATM as the Centerpiece of your Bank at Work Program will Help Increase Brand Visibility

On-site ATMs for local businesses are a great way for banks and credit unions to increase brand presence. But, when used correctly, they are also a step toward creating a community partnership that develops new accounts and revenue for the financial institution through Bank at Work programs. 

Find the ATM Option that Best Suits Your Employee's Needs

Your employees are using an ATM and chances are they are spending a great deal of their paycheck on fees to obtain cash. That’s why Human Resource professionals recognize that having a surcharge-free ATM in the building is becoming one of the hottest new employees benefits being offered by employers. Contact the experts at ATMatWork and let us help you select the ATM program that best suits your employee’s needs.

Thank your Employees this Holiday Season... and all year round by giving them Convenient Access with an ATM at Work!

Your staff works hard. Thank them this holiday season... and all year round by giving them convenient access to their payroll funds by providing an ATM at work. With a variety of surcharge-free options available, contact us today and let us help you choose the program that best suits your employee’s needs.

Be a Human Resource Superhero by Providing Your Staff with an ATM at Work!

Your employees are using an ATM and chances are they are spending a great deal of their paycheck on fees to obtain cash.  Many HR professionals recognize this and that’s why having an ATM in the building to give their staff easy access to cash — surcharge-free — is becoming one of the hottest new employees benefits being offered by employers.

Why A Surcharge-Free ATM On-Site is a Hot New HR Benefit

Studies show the average employee uses an ATM four to five times each month. However, the vast majority of ATMs in the U.S. are not operated by financial institutions. These “foreign” machines usually result in a fee for use. Employers can help their staff better utilize their funds and save a great deal more of their earnings by offering them a surcharge-free ATM solution ‒ conveniently located within their workplace.

ATMatWork Welcomes Pure Power Technologies

Staff need cash for everyday purchases like lunch and vending machines, and many leave work early on payday to go to the ATM.  Pure Power Technologies recognized this need and contacted ATMatWork about installed an ATM in their building to give their staff easy access to cash. They chose the Allpoint Network surcharge-free option, which allows the majority of their employees to withdraw cash with NO fee.

ATMatWork Welcomes ZF Transmission

Employees who work for ZF Transmission are now able to withdraw cash from the ATM in their breakroom with no fee!  One of the hottest New HR benefits, the ATM at ZF Transmission provides staff with direct pay access, cash for the vending machine and cafeteria, it saves them time and money, and keeps employees on-site. And best of all there is no hassle for HR management and no charge for qualified companies.



ATMatWork Welcomes Charter Communications

Charter Communications staff in Simpsonville, SC now enjoy convenient surcharge-free cash withdrawls from the ATM recently installed by ATMatWork. ATMatWork helps human resource managers bring valued added services to their employees. With direct deposit and paycards as the preferred payment method, your employees are using ATMs - somewhere. Having an ATM on-site saves employees time, money and provides a safe environment to conduct their banking.

On-Site ATMs: An Employee Benefit That Helps You Attract Millennials

Millennials witnessed more than the birth of personal technologies, they saw first-hand the effects of the 2008 recession. While arguably the most college-educated of generations, many graduated only to be met with a job market unable to support their numbers. The youngest among them watched as hard-working parents were laid off and family homes were foreclosed upon. These experiences have created a focus on budgeting, frugality and cash use. This desire for cash and budgeting as well as their reliance on technological convenience has led Millennials consistently to the ATM.