Save Your Employees Time and Money with the Benefit of Convenient ATMs On-Site at Work


With direct deposit and pay cards as the preferred payment method, having an ATM on-site is an inexpensive benefit your employees will love!

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ATMatWork Options:

  • Surcharge-Free for Everyone

  • Allpoint or MoneyPass Surcharge-Free

  • Bank or Credit Union Branded

  • Brink’s Paycard Branded

  • Generic ATM

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 Hassle Free, Inexpensive Benefit that Saves Employees Thousands each Month

Your employees are using ATMs and the fees can quickly add up - cutting into their hard earned pay. The average ATM surcharge in the U.S. is $3.50 and banks charge between $2.50 to $3.50 in "foreign ATM fees." Each time your employees use an ATM they are paying as much $7.00 to get cash. With ATM at Work you can help your employees save more of their paycheck.


According to the Latest Statistics from The Federal Reserve: 

  • 75% of consumers use an ATM as part of their everyday banking activities

  • Millennials use cash and ATMs more than any other demographic

  • Cash remains the most popular form of retail payment instrument

  • 50% of transactions under $25 and 60% under $10 are in cash

  • Households earning less than $25,000 annually prefer cash to other payment methods

  • Employees paid via a paycard rely on cash more than employees with a bank account

Having a Surcharge-Free ATM on-site Saves Employees Thousands!

One Texas company that employs 700-750 chose the Allpoint ATM option last year and has been able to save their staff on average of $4,500 a month in ATM and bank fees. That's a savings of almost $54,000 a year!

 79% of their employees receive surcharge-free use of the ATM, balance inquiries are always free and staff that do not do business with an Allpoint member financial institution pay less than the national average.  

No Hassle-ATM Placement

The ATM experts at ATMatWork do it all. The employer just needs to provide a space for the ATM and electricity.



Lee Murray - Robert Bosch LLC, AdP/HRL

"We couldn't be happier with the attention and efficiency ATMatWork provides with our three Anderson Federal Credit Union branded ATMs. Our associates love having access to the No Fee ATMs with the added AFCU partnership and there is never any downtime with an of our ATMs. Thanks again and we would recommend you to anyone!"


Robert Wilson - Anderson Federal Credit Union

"One of the best tools ever for member acquisition."

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