More than just an ATM.


On-site ATMs are more than just cash machines. They are a hassle-free and inexpensive benefit your employees will love.


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Direct Pay Access

Account Balances & Cash

Employees have on-site access to get cash and check account balances. On-site ATMs make banking faster and easier without the time and hassle of traffic encountered trekking to the nearest bank.

cafeteria atm

Cafeteria Cash

Keep Employees On-Site

On-site ATMs mean quick cash access for canteen or cafeteria meals. Employees enjoy more time to relax, recharge and form team bonds while avoiding the stress and time consumption of driving elsewhere.

increase office safety with an on-site ATM

Increased Safety

Identity & Cash Security

Employees come into contact with greater risk from off-site banking. In addition to traffic dangers, traveling with cash and utilization of open air machines increase risks to employee physical and financial safety.

employees save money with on-site ATMs

Saving Money

Surcharge-free transactions

Now featuring the Allpoint Surcharge-Free network with more than 1,400 banks, credit unions and all the major paycard providers - which means your employees who have accounts with these financial institutions can access the ATM for free.

Discover More Benefits of Having an  ATM On-Site as an Employee Benefit

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ATM Options: 

  • Surcharge-Free for Everyone

  • Allpoint Surcharge-Free Network

  • MoneyPass Surcharge-Free Network

  • Bank or Credit Union Branded

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