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Why A Surcharge-Free ATM On-Site is a Hot New HR Benefit

Studies show the average employee uses an ATM four to five times each month. However, the vast majority of ATMs in the U.S. are not operated by financial institutions. These “foreign” machines usually result in a fee for use. Employers can help their staff better utilize their funds and save a great deal more of their earnings by offering them a surcharge-free ATM solution ‒ conveniently located within their workplace.

ATMatWork Welcomes ZF Transmission

Employees who work for ZF Transmission are now able to withdraw cash from the ATM in their breakroom with no fee!  One of the hottest New HR benefits, the ATM at ZF Transmission provides staff with direct pay access, cash for the vending machine and cafeteria, it saves them time and money, and keeps employees on-site. And best of all there is no hassle for HR management and no charge for qualified companies.



Creating a Successful Bank at Work Program — with an ATM as the Centerpiece

On-site ATMs for local businesses are a great way for banks and credit unions to increase brand presence. But, when used correctly, they are also a step toward creating a community partnership that develops new accounts and revenue for the financial institution (FI) through Bank at Work programs. Here are a few keys to creating a successful program – using an ATM as the centerpiece of your program

3 Ways to Help Employees Manage Their Time

An efficient work-force is able to get things done safely and consistently. Unfortunately, staying on-task can be a challenge - especially when balancing personal and business priorities. Fortunately, there are ways to help your employees manage their time more effectively.