Why A Surcharge-Free ATM On-Site is a Hot New HR Benefit

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Studies show the average employee uses an ATM four to five times each month, typically withdrawing around $60 in cash at each transaction.

However, the vast majority of ATMs in the U.S. are not operated by financial institutions. These “foreign” machines usually result in a fee for use – from both the ATM operator and the ATM user’s bank or credit union. Together these fees average around $6.00 per transaction. This is a considerable investment of funds to get cash.

Paycards are a new and growing trend among employers with 25-35% of U.S. employers switching to the paycard model for employees that are unbanked or do not provide financial institution information for direct deposit. Due to the higher fee rates, these employees end up spending more than the average person when withdrawing cash ‒ and taking home less of the money they have earned.

There is a better way. Companies can help their employees better utilize their funds and save a great deal more of their earnings by offering them a surcharge-free ATM solution ‒ conveniently located within their workplace.

Safety and Convenience

The workplace is one of the safest places for employees to use an ATM. Having a surcharge-free ATM on-site saves employees the risks of traffic, theft and time constraints while providing additional security through its indoor, on premise location. On-site ATMs are also a convenience, whether money is needed at that moment on the job or for use in after hour’s activities.

Keeping More of Their Money

On site ATMs also provide the added benefit of helping workers keep more of their hard-earned pay check, as well – when they are partnered with a financial institution and/or surcharge-free network like Allpoint or Money Pass. Allpoint, for instance, has over 1400 financial institutions in its network including national and regional banks, and credit unions as well as the leading pay card providers.

Cash Is King ‒ Especially with Millennials!

MasterCard’s report, “Measuring Progress Towards a Cashless Society” revealed that cash remains the most commonly used method of payment across all ages. This is particularly true for Millennials (those born from 1981 -2000), who currently comprise 33% of the workforce.

Statistics show Millennials are not only technically savvy, they put a great emphasis on convenience. And, as they saw their parents greatly affected by the housing market crash and recession, they have a deep distrust of financial institution. They are the generation pioneering payment alternatives such as PayPal and Venmo - and are more likely to utilize cash than other forms of transaction.

A Hot New HR Benefit – ATM at Work

Representing one-third of today's workforce, it is more important than ever to stay a step ahead of these technically savvy employees – and other companies who may be looking to lure them away. An ATM at work is just one way to provide convenience and incentive, while helping employees keep their hands on more of their income.

Now offering an Allpoint surcharge-free ATM option, transactions are free for employees who use some of the most popular paycards and bank at the more than 1,400 financial institutions that are part of the network.

And best of all the ATM is hassle-free and, in most cases, less than what you pay in insurance for one employee each month.