Attract Millennials with Paycards & a Surcharge-Free ATM as an Employee Benefit

Paycards & an ATM as an employee benefit

Each generation has its own values and expectations. Rather than the work-life balance desired by many Gen Xers and their older cohorts, Millennials desire work-life integration. The younger, tech-savvy generations prefer non-traditional incentives that allow them to create synergy between all areas of their lives, such as work, school and family. Since Millennials are expected to comprise 75% of the workforce by 2020, employers need to get creative with their employee benefits.

In recent years, one major point of contention for Millennials is the difficulty to bank within the traditional 8 a.m.-5 p.m. shift. It can be nearly impossible to manage weekly banking needs within the space of a few minutes while lines of other financial institution customers wait impatiently behind. This creates competition between employee’s defined work schedules and their financial obligations.

Although direct deposit is the norm, employees are looking to their employers and alternative financial institutions for hassle-free access to their money.

Payroll Cards as an Alternate Form of Payment

According to a 2015 FICO report, Millennials continue to embrace non-traditional methods of banking, and approximately 56% of participants between the ages of 18 and 24 either use alternative payment services or are planning to do so. One way for employers to help meet the growing demand for work-life integration and easier cash access is to institute a paycard or payroll card program.

A recent study by CSFI indicated that employees with a wide range of salaries, some as high as a $100,000 per year, choose to use payroll cards. While over 80% of those surveyed have active banks accounts, they still chose the paycard program offered by their employer for sheer convenience.

Paycard Programs & On-Site Surcharge-Free ATMs as an Employee Benefit

One noticeable drawback to payroll cards is the fees charged to obtain cash. To combat that problem, Brinks Money Paycards has teamed up with ATMatWork to be able to offer employers ATM options at work for employees such bank or credit union branded and surcharge-free ATM options – to compliment their paycard programs and save employees time and money.

With an on-site ATM, employees enjoy the convenience of completing routine transactions in a safe and secure environment – using their paycard surcharge-free or financial institution-issued debit cards.

The combination of payroll cards and fee-free cash access at work is a fantastic employee benefit that allows the work-life integration preferred by Millennials.

Paycard programs combined with an ATM on-site is gaining popularity among employees – and not just hourly workers – and employers. As an added bonus, instituting these benefits can save employees thousands of dollars in fees and keep employees at work.

To find out more about offering employees paycads, contact Brinks Money. To offer an ATM on-site as an employee benefit, contact ATMatWork.

ATMatWork is now offering an Allpoint surcharge-free ATM option. Transactions are free for employees who use some of the most popular paycards and bank at the more than 1,400 financial institutions that are part of the network.

And best of all the ATM is hassle-free and, in most cases, less than what you pay in insurance for one employee each month.