Why You and Your Employees Will Love Having an ATM at Work

It doesn’t take a big raise or expensive gifts to make employees happy. Millennials especially look at benefits differently than their predecessors. As the first tech-savvy generation, they expect digital connectivity and convenient self-service access everywhere they go. One of the simplest ways to ensure employee satisfaction is to offer benefits and work perks that add real value to employees’ lives such as an ATM at work.

3 Ways to Help Employees Manage Their Time

An efficient work-force is able to get things done safely and consistently. Unfortunately, staying on-task can be a challenge - especially when balancing personal and business priorities. Fortunately, there are ways to help your employees manage their time more effectively.

ATMatWork Nets SEG Success for Anderson Federal Credit Union

Anderson Federal Credit Union was considering putting ATMs in large companies to serve their employees, but couldn't justify the expense and management requirements. Fortunately, there was ATMatWork.