Make a New Year’s Resolution to Save Staff Time & Money with an ATM in the Workplace as a New Employee Benefit


It doesn’t take a big raise or expensive gifts to make employees happy. Millennials especially look at benefits differently than their predecessors. As the first tech-savvy generation, they expect digital connectivity and convenient self-service access everywhere they go.

One of the simplest ways to ensure employee satisfaction is get creative with benefits and perks that add real value to employees’ lives. That’s why the popularity of ATMs in the workplace is growing among employees and employers alike.

Employees love having easy, safe access to their funds without having to use break time or leave work early to run errands.

  • Saves Employees Money. By having a surcharge-free ATM in your building, employees save thousands of dollars annually.  

  • Saves Employees Time. Being able to do their banking at work, saves employees a considerable amount of time. No more using break time or leaving work early to drive to the bank for cash.

  •  Increases Employee Safety. Having an ATM in the workplace offers an extra layer of security for employees since there is no safer place to withdraw cash than at work.

A Competitive Advantage without a Big Price Tag

In addition to making it convenient for staff, having an ATM on-site give employers a competitive recruiting advantage. And, having an ATM at work is cost-effective. In fact, in most cases having a surcharge-free ATM in the building is less expensive than paying for medical insurance for a single employee for just one month.

 Employees thrive at work when they know their contributions are valued. Letting your employees know they matter to you and the company helps employees stay engaged and excited, improving both the quality of work and the overall office environment.

Contact the experts at ATM at Work and let us help you thank your employees by giving them surcharge-free access to their funds ‒ saving them time and money with an ATM at work!