Staff Benefit

Make a New Year’s Resolution to Save Staff Time & Money with an ATM in the Workplace as a New Employee Benefit

It doesn’t take a big raise or expensive gifts to make employees happy. One of the simplest ways to ensure employee satisfaction is get creative with benefits and perks that add real value to employees’ lives. That’s why the popularity of ATMs in the workplace is growing among employees and employers alike.

Find the ATM Option that Best Suits Your Employee's Needs

Your employees are using an ATM and chances are they are spending a great deal of their paycheck on fees to obtain cash. That’s why Human Resource professionals recognize that having a surcharge-free ATM in the building is becoming one of the hottest new employees benefits being offered by employers. Contact the experts at ATMatWork and let us help you select the ATM program that best suits your employee’s needs.

Thank your Employees this Holiday Season... and all year round by giving them Convenient Access with an ATM at Work!

Your staff works hard. Thank them this holiday season... and all year round by giving them convenient access to their payroll funds by providing an ATM at work. With a variety of surcharge-free options available, contact us today and let us help you choose the program that best suits your employee’s needs.

3 Tips to Helping Employees Deal with Financial Crisis

Nearly half of Americans (46%) would struggle to cover an emergency expense costing $400, according to the May 2016 “Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2015” from the Federal Reserve Board. When faced with a $400 bill, a large number of respondents reported they would either need to sell something or borrow money to cover the expense.