Employees Want Alternate Payment Methods, Financial Wellness and Convenient Access to Cash at Work

ATM for Employees

In the last several years, employers have begun offering a wider variety of benefits to inspire staff, retain employees and attract quality talent. A recent study by ADP Institute discovered that traditional perks, such as pay raises and medical benefits, are not the only offerings required for employers to remain competitive in today’s job market.

 According to Evolution of Pay, employees desire easier access to their earnings, financial wellness and more payment choices. Research shows that nearly 80% of employees are now willing to accept payment via unconventional means like payment cards, which are rapidly growing in popularity.

With employee expectations for financial wellness growing as well, having easy access to a surcharge-free ATM that is sponsored by a local credit union or community bank ‒ that can provide financial wellness education ‒ is a growing new favorite benefit among employers and employees alike.

An on-site ATM provides major benefits to employees and employers alike, such as:

  • Employee Savings. Employees can save thousands of dollars each month in surcharge fees when using an employer-provided ATM. This can be especially important to employees using a paycard, who may be limited to the number of withdrawals they can make each month or penalized with out-of-network fee for using other ATMs.

  •  Improved Security. Off-site banking poses a greater over-all risk. An employer provided, on-site ATM offers a private, secure environment where employees can withdraw cash, check balances and complete transfers with little risk to their physical or financial safety.

  • Convenience. Easy access to an ATM means employees can complete daily financial transactions without a trip to the bank, as well as having access to cash for lunch, vending and drink machines. On-site ATMs also allow employees quick access to payday funds.

  • Greater Time Management. With no need to stand in long lines at the bank or leave the premises in search of an ATM, employees are able to manage their time better, which means less time away from work and more relaxing breaks.

 An employee provided surcharge-free ATM offers multiple benefits to both employees and provides employers with a competitive edge when it comes to recruiting and retaining talented staff.

ATMatWork offers several surcharge-free programs so employer can choose the option that best works for their employees’ individual need, including ATMs sponsored by local financial institutions that can offer financial wellness.

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