How Credit Unions Can Launch an Effective Bank at Work Program with On-Site ATMs

Credit Union Bank at Work Programs

Reaching new members through brand awareness and visibility is at the forefront of every credit union’s marketing strategy, especially those with a regional and local focus. There are scores of options, but most aren’t leveraging one of the easiest and inexpensive strategies ‒ a bank at work program with on-site ATMs as the centerpiece. When used to the fullest potential, having ATMs as part of a bank at work program creates lasting partnerships and offer an avenue to open new deposit accounts, loans and market products and services.

Prospect Smarter, Not Harder

There are likely many candidates in your existing membership base, such as select employee groups (SEGs) that you may have signed up years ago, that would benefit from an on-site ATM and a bank at work program. The first step is to analyze the SEG’s industry, range of salaries and company size. Working with the Human Resources department will also allow you to fully understand the financial needs of the employees. 

However, many credit unions don’t believe they can afford to offer ATMs to every SEG. Providing an ATM to SEGs doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. ATMatWork, which specializes in placing ATMs at employee group locations, offers placement options that fit any sized budget ‒ and it’s totally hands off and hassle free for the credit union. There is no need to purchase hardware, load cash, monitor the terminal, send out technicians or carry insurance ‒ ATMatWork does it all.

Tailor Marketing for Each Employee Group

Branding an ATM is one way to build recognition and trust, but don’t stop there. Customizing marketing messages are a simple and effective way to generate new deposit accounts, loans and promote products and services at the ATM. ATMatWork’s unique approach turns the ATM into a dynamic marketing tool with a myriad of changeable content including customizable ATM screens, wraps, toppers and an optional brochure rack. As your marketing messages change, so can your marketing at the ATMs in your SEG locations.

 Regular Visits to the SEG

Once your credit union establishes an on-site ATM as part of your bank at work program, use regular visits to maximize the partnership. Being proactive while visiting the location and using face-to-face interactions to educate, inform and engage with the employees is imperative.

With the right approach and the right partner, credit unions can maximize opportunity to communicate to a captive audience of current and prospective account holders by offering a bank at work program with ATMs as the centerpiece.

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