ATM at Work Facilities a Partnership for Michelin Tires & Upstate FCU that Benefits Employees

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Benefits for Employees

Your employees are using an ATM and chances are they are spending a great deal of their paycheck on fees to obtain cash. An ATM on-site helps to attract Millennials, increases employee safety, and saves staff time and money. An ATM in your break room is more than just cash machines, they are a hassle-free and inexpensive benefit your employees will love.

  • Saves Time & Money

  • Easy Access to Pay Day Funds

  • Cash for Vending Machine & Cafeteria

  • No Need to Leave Work to do Banking

  • Increased Employee Safety

With a variety of surcharge-free options available, the ATMatWork program is affordable - in most cases, less than what you pay in insurance for one employee each month, and is hassle-free for management. Click here to learn more about our surcharge-free program options.

Benefits for Banks & Credit Unions

More than an ATM... A Powerful Dynamic Marketing Tool

ATMatWork's unique approach turns the ATM into a Powerful Dynamic Marketing Tool with a myriad of changeable content including:

  • Segmented, Customized ATM Wrap

  • Multiple Ad Screens with Unlimited Changes

  • Changeable Back Lighted Topper Inserts

  • Optional Brochure Rack

Affordable & Hassle Free

If you are interested in expanding your brand image in the community but don't want to manage ATMs or purchase costly hardware, ATMatWork offers exactly what you've been looking for. With decades of experience, our experts handle it all - including purchasing the ATM - for a low monthly fee.