On-Site ATMs: An Employee Benefit That Helps You Attract Millennials

Millennials witnessed more than the birth of personal technologies, they saw first-hand the effects of the 2008 recession. While arguably the most college-educated of generations, many graduated only to be met with a job market unable to support their numbers. The youngest among them watched as hard-working parents were laid off and family homes were foreclosed upon. These experiences have created a focus on budgeting, frugality and cash use. This desire for cash and budgeting as well as their reliance on technological convenience has led Millennials consistently to the ATM.

ATMatWork Welcomes Kane Beef of Corpus Christi, Texas

ATMatWork helps human resource managers bring valued added services to their employees. With direct deposit and paycards as the preferred payment method, your employees are using ATMs - somewhere. Having an ATM on-site saves employees time, money and provides a safe environment to conduct their banking.

Thank your employees this holiday season with an ATM at Work!

One of the hottest New HR benefits, an ATM at work provides your staff with direct pay access, cash for the vending machine and cafeteria, it saves them time and money and keeps them on-site. And best of all there is no hassle for HR management and no charge for qualified companies.

Millennials Are Changing the Workplace & Demanding More Amenities … including ATMs at Work

With Millennials making up 33% of today's workforce, they are changing workplace culture by expecting more amenities  … including being able to do their banking at online and having access to ATMs at work. In this article you’ll learn about Millennials’ banking and payment habits, and why forward thinking HR managers are offering ATM at work to satisfy their younger employees.

The Hottest New Employee Benefit: An ATM at Work

Cold hard cash has always appealed to people, and is often a major selling point for employees. But, these days it is more than just the dollar amount on an employee's paycheck. That is, of course, still of prime interest to employees. However, there are more versatile ways to make sure your employees know you value them and can also keep their cash flowing … providing them with easy access to cash with an ATM at work.

Creating a Successful Bank at Work Program — with an ATM as the Centerpiece

On-site ATMs for local businesses are a great way for banks and credit unions to increase brand presence. But, when used correctly, they are also a step toward creating a community partnership that develops new accounts and revenue for the financial institution (FI) through Bank at Work programs. Here are a few keys to creating a successful program – using an ATM as the centerpiece of your program

3 Ways to Help Employees Manage Their Time

An efficient work-force is able to get things done safely and consistently. Unfortunately, staying on-task can be a challenge - especially when balancing personal and business priorities. Fortunately, there are ways to help your employees manage their time more effectively.

3 Tips to Helping Employees Deal with Financial Crisis

Nearly half of Americans (46%) would struggle to cover an emergency expense costing $400, according to the May 2016 “Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2015” from the Federal Reserve Board. When faced with a $400 bill, a large number of respondents reported they would either need to sell something or borrow money to cover the expense.

ATMatWork Nets SEG Success for Anderson Federal Credit Union

Anderson Federal Credit Union was considering putting ATMs in large companies to serve their employees, but couldn't justify the expense and management requirements. Fortunately, there was ATMatWork.